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Balance ideal for tasting pleasure!
This assembly supports the view of the complementarity of these two aromatic grape varieties: Sauvignon fruit, fat and extent of Muscadelle.


To be drunk young, within 18 to 36 months after harvest. It can match with Cooked fish, dumplings, white meats. Colour: light yellow with green reflections. Bouquet: floral Sauvignon. Taste: very round Muscadelle.


50% Muscadelle, 50% Sauvignon


Maceration Fermentation at low temperature Ageing on lees


AWARDS Agricultural Competition Paris 2001: Vint. 2000 - Gold Medal
Agricultural Competition Paris 2003: Vint. 2002 - Gold Medal
A Star Guide Hachette 2006: Vint. 2005
A Star Guide Hachette 2007: Vint. 2006

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