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The Cellar


Gosset, founded in 1584, is one of the oldest champagne houses of the Champagne region in north-eastern France. It was founded when Jean Gosset, a grape grower in Aÿ, left a vineyard to his grandson, Pierre Gosset, mayor of the village, who began to export wine under his name. Typical for this era in Champagne, Gosset initially produced still wines, mainly reds, whilst his cellars were adjoining those owned by King Francis I of France, who enjoyed these red Aÿ wines.


Fronton can be found north east of Toulouse and has been associated with the Negrette grape as far back as the 12th century. At this domaine much of the vineyard was re-worked back in the 1980’s by Baron Francois de Driesen but is now run by his daughter Diane and her husband Phillipe Cauvin.
They work organically and produce wines solely from Negrette, as in the Coste Rouge, or blend it with Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, as in the Reserve.