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Kodak Pandora Step-and-Repeat Software


Efficiently create print-ready packaging layouts
PANDORA Software is a powerful, open-industry standard solution designed to efficiently create print-ready packaging layouts, including complex layouts. PANDORA Software gives operators control over artwork layout information, such as sizing and positioning, from original file to final output, maintaining accuracy and reliability.


  • Dramatically reduce layout time and effort with automation and easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality
  • Improve accuracy with intelligent marks that position and size themselves on a layout
  • Easily plan and prepare re-usable, automatable step-and-repeat templates and create CAD files from 1-up dies
  • Support offset, flexo and gravure printing requirements


Features & Benefits


Integrated workflow: Work with PRINERGY and PRINERGY EVO Systems, as well as Agfa :ApogeeX and Rampage systems


File support: Accept and preview CAD die file import of CFF2, DXFTM, DDES2; outputs PDF, JDF, PJTF, CIP3


Layout creation: Snap artwork to selected die stations and automatically create bleed paths from CAD die files; PANDORA Software also provides quick and simple resolution of bleed overlaps


CAD file creation or modification: Plan and prepare re-usable, automated step-and-repeat templates and create CAD files from 1-up dies; the utility can also be used to modify improperly prepared CAD files


SMARTMARKS Software: Intelligently place mark groups with a single action


Color mapping: Remap spot-to-spot color, spot-to-process color and vice versa, or change process color build values of spot colors