Attikouris Group

Our Values

Attikouris Enterprises Ltd development is based on three pillars:

  • Throughout the years of our operation, Attikouris Enterprises Ltd has adopted a successful “customer-centric” approach. Our believes are and always have been that the customer satisfaction is a prime concern, and this can be achieved only by providing quality products in competitive prices.
  • The “human-centric” approach. Employees continuous improvement in a healthy working environment is the power of our successful development since our establishment.
  • Environment protection. Our cleaning and disinfection products are environment friendly made from recyclable materials or been highly biodegradable focusing to protect the aquatic resources, while keeping the high standard of their efficiency.

ATTIKOURIS ENTERPRISES Ltd. has its registered office in Limassol, Cyprus and operates in a privately owned building of 2,340 square meters in Agios Athanasios Industrial Area.

It was established in 1994 as an import, export, wholesale and distribution company, and today Attikouris Enterprises Ltd successfully represents some of the top and well-reputed manufacturers in the global market.

Our Mission

Attikouris Enterprises Ltd since its establishment aims to:

  • Increase of exports
  • Continuous introduction of new innovative product solutions to the market
  • Continue to build new strong partnerships on the basis of exclusive representation
  • Continue to develop the strong business relationship with the banks based on the solvency and the position of our company in the market.
  • Build a competitive excellence focusing on a “Total Quality Management” approach.
  • Develop competitive advantages by introducing innovation to manage efficiently the changes and requirements of specialized markets.
  • Employees’ skills and knowledge improvement by continuous vocational training. Attikouris Enterprises Ltd constantly invest in employees to upgrade their skills and qualifications in order to consult customers in choosing the most suitable products based on their needs.

The process of achieving the above goals is continuous, always taking into account both internal and external factors that may affect our company.