Attikouris Printing, is one of the first departments of Attikouris Enterprises LTD

Attikouris Printing, follows the technology developments of printing industry, in order to offer the best possible solutions to its customers. The cooperation and representation of multinational companies operating in the printing industry in both machinery and consumables makes Attikouris Enterprises LTD, one of the most important key players of the Cypriot market. This is reflected by the loyalty shown from the biggest Cypriot companies of printing sector.





Printing Solution

Attikouris Enterprises Ltd provides a wide-range of innovative, complete- unified solutions for the entire printing industry, consisting of products for all departments and stages during printing process; from the design department, to the account office, the prepress, the press process and the finishing department. Sophisticated workflows, plate equipment, prepress and press consumables, spare parts, digital presses and finishing equipment are briefly the solutions that Attikouris Enterprises can offer. Suitable for: any printing application (commercial, packaging, flexo, newspaper, gravure)

  • Offset CTP Systems
  • Digital Printing Presses
  • Finishing line Systems
  • Inks for headset, offset, coldest, UV
  • Printing Chemicals
  • Cleaner
  • Additives
  • Thermal Plates
  • Process Free Plates
  • Spare parts: rollers, blankets, belts, suckers, etc.

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